Musing on the Stars…


You made me think twice. You reintroduced the reckless in me. I wish that night would have been darker, the liquor would have been stronger, the starry sky would have been more picturesque, and the kiss a bit longer. You are as sweet as Abba’s Chiquitita and as bitter as Hendrix’s Voodoo Child. In short, you are Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

Ringo Starr


You made me feel beautiful. In the worst of nights, when claustrophobia and agony were the only friends, you made me feel stronger. I wish to laugh my ass off at your stupid jokes. I wish to see that rotund, bespectacled face of yours and bask in its warmth. I miss you.



A stranger in the city of dreams, that’s what I was But miles away, in the city of joy, there was this musician, a dreamer who comforted me.We have always been on the same page yet different. You are the Tambourine man I would love to listen to.Will you play a song for me?



A traveler, a hippie. A certain city would have been impossible without you Mike! I still can’t define our equation in words. We were more like the hippies who were trying to find solace in a cloud of smoke. I hope you are doing well. All I wish is love and luck to you.bob marley




Junkie or a dreamer. The most chivalrous man I have ever bumped into. All I would say is Que Sera Sera. 🙂

Phew! And it’s 8 o’ clock now. I am all by myself. Let me chug some beer and contemplate over the could have beens.

                                                                                                                — Shreyasi Mazumdar

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