Dear All,
We at Postcolonial Interventions are looking for new members in our Assistant Editorial Team to help us take our journal to new heights. In the past few issues, the response to the different call for papers has been exemplary with submissions pouring in from different corners of the globe. As a result, there has been enormous pressure upon the existing team members to meet deadlines and maintain the high standards that the journal has reached and intends to maintain. As one might be aware, we have also managed to enlist our journal in the list brought out by the UGC.

As things stand, we are looking for interested candidates who would be willing to be a part of this endeavour. The profile would include, proof checking the various articles that have been submitted, correct errors in note and reference making. It would be helpful if one is proficient with the Chicago Manual style and the MLA 7th edition. Due to various constraints and since the journal is not a profit making venture, we would not be able to provide any honorarium to the candidates holding the post. But it is the joy and thrill of being associated with an international journal slowly gaining a foothold in international academia that should be spurring one on.

Interested candidates should mail their cv to the following email ids:


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