Poems by Nishi Pulugurtha



Are we bothered about it anymore?

Small acts, idealism, fights, struggles,

Are we bothered any longer?

Do they really matter?

Yes, they do, they have to

A single act cannot dislodge what one feels

The timid sun’s ray does filter through

The seed breaks through the soil in a burst of green

Inspite of all disillusion, I find a reason to smile

I must find a reason to smile.


  1. LOSS

It is a usual, busy day by the river

People bathing at the ghat, praying by the river

Priests performing funeral obsequies

People dressed in white, hands folded

He utters mantras in a grave solemn tone

Paraphernalia all ready with him, he asks to do this and that

Mantras to be repeated, occasionally intersperses them with explanations

Explanations of how important the rites are

To me it was all over the moment the breath left the body

The living, breathing person, was no longer there

Just the still, lifeless body, a mere shadow of what had been

Present turning to past

I see a small boy, a boy six or seven

His teeth chattering, he must have had the obligatory dip in the river

His head tonsured, a reminder of the loss of a parent

An uncle asks him to stand in the sun as he was cold

The cold bothers him, he shivers for a while

The sun warms him up

His dear ones come and take him along

More rites and rituals to be done

He is too small to have seen all that, to have to go through all that

But then, rites and rituals are to be done.

The little boy standing in the sun, shivering

Still unaware of the fact that his life might be changed forever.


NISHI PULUDr. Nishi Pulugurtha is Head and Associate Professor in the department of English, Brahmananda Keshab Chandra College and has taught courses at West Bengal State University and Rabindra Bharati University. Her research areas are British Romantic literature, Postcolonial literature, Indian writing in English, literature of the diaspora and film. She is a creative writer and writes on travel, Alzheimer’s Disease, film, short stories and poetry. Her work has been published in The Statesman, Kolkata, in the anthology Tranquil Muse and online – Café Dissensus, Coldnoon, Queen Mob’s Tea House and Setu. She guest edited the June 2018 Issue of Café Dissensus on Travel.

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