Poems by Rati Agnihotri

Soliloquy of silence

If silence were to render a soliloquy,

would it be chilling to the bone?

Would it be high brow pretense, classical music like pensive and all that

or would it riotous and street style sentimental?

If silence were to render a soliloquy,

would it shine bright with imagery of the sun, the moon, the stars

or would it retreat quietly to the background with pseudo journalistic economic and sober phrases and sentences?

At nights when everything seems frozen to core

and stillness dances to the tune of moonbeams,

silence tip toes the pathways gently.

No melodrama, not even a thud.

But when no one is watching,

it dances in wanton outside so many houses

and secretively leaves its fingerprints on their doorknobs and window panes.

The fingerprints become scars

and scars become sediments of exhaustion

as people cover themselves up

in sheets and sheets of nerve wracking silence…

A Raga of Love

 A stone-cutter chisels
a piece of granite gently.

Elsewhere, a pair of lovers in an eternal embrace
 have almost turned to fossils.

 Language itself cannot capture this magic of love.
Now, I say this straightforwardly,

 but readers will read between the lines,
trying to decipher what I precisely meant.

The stone-cutter has stories in his heart,
and in his eyes a tree of hope has taken root.

The lovers in fossil have their beings
tattooed to musical compositions.

 All they needs is an echo chamber,
 a philosopher’s mind, a lover’s heart

and an ethereal vision
to create the perfect raga of love.

In Love

The water


not just the reflection of the lovers,

their caresses and all.

But the sonorous dilemma

of their precise positioning in this world it reflects too.

When lovers walk by the lakeside

hand in hand,

they do not carry a dictionary,

nor do they excel in the glorious tradition of the argumentative Indian.

Their armour is of their bodies and faces.

But when they do walk by the lakeside

hand in hand,

the water also reflects

the dictionary of love which they are creating.

The dictionary which many lovers across the world are creating

at that precise moment.

Rati AgnihotriRati Agnihotri is a bilingual poet. She writes in English and Hindi. Her first book of English poems ‘The Sunset Sonata’ has been published by Sahitya Akademi, India’s National Academy of Letters. Her Hindi poems have come out in Samvadiya, Parikatha, Kavita Bihaan, Pakhee, Retpath, Yuddhrat Aam Aadmee, etc. She has also read out her Hindi poems for All India Radio, Delhi. Rati also runs a poetry group ‘Moonweavers- Chaand ke Julaahe’ in Delhi. Her second book of English poems is being published by Red River.



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