Poems by Michelle D’costa


Red Carpet


God has made you in his image.

God is the potter and we are his clay.

God’s unfurled fingers reveal breasts


that your boyfriend likes.

When you reach out

to grab them,


God gives them to your neighbor instead.

Love your neighbor like I’ve loved you, he reminds.

So you say nothing when your boyfriend


says he wants to talk to her.

What he really means is he wants to fuck her.

Talk and fuck are synonyms.


Just like God and Boyfriend.

You prepare a candle-light dinner and

invite your neighbour over.


Then you lie down like a red carpet, waiting

for the VIPs to arrive.

Your boyfriend walks over you once


when he enters

your house.

God reminds you to turn


the other cheek.

So you let him walk over you

once more on his way out


and this time your neighbor walks over you too.

Her pointed heels piercing

your flat chest.




It was only when Mom caught me 

meeting his gaze did she tell me-

Nectar doesn’t reside in between 

thighs. It resides in eyes 

so you have to become blind.

How can you lose your nectar

to someone as unworthy as him?

A virgin’s iris, full of nectar, is the most

tempting of traps…I promised

to glue my eyelids shut.


When she wasn’t looking, I stood out 

in our garden. Cried my eyes out

hoping the dripping nectar

would attract the right guy

before it was too late.



Forbidden Fruit


The man I’m falling for

has long hair like Jesus.

When I twirl his curl

around my finger,

I ask him about the story behind the length-

Was it to attract a girl like me?

He tells me about his vow

to Mother Mary of Velankanni.

A girl child, exactly 9 months later

and since then his hair hasn’t been shorter.

And that I should meet his daughter.

This makes me want him

even more.



Michelle D’costa is a writer and editor from Mumbai. She is the co-host of the podcast Books And Beyond With Bound. Her poetry has been published in Berfrois, Eclectica, Vayavya, Guftugu, The Alipore Post, Visual Verse, The Bangalore Review and more.  Her fiction has appeared in Out Of Print, Litro UK, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Coldnoon and more. She loves to interview writers. She also enjoys drinking tea, doodling and dancing to Bollywood music. https://michellewendydcosta.wordpress.com/

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