Poems by Elizabeth Conte




You died

Was it a punch in the gut, or a tear at my heart?

The lost time between us was adrift

Somewhere out there…

In the universe my thoughts would come to you

Asking for you to reach out, hoping you would know

My words were strong, but my feelings deep

Both hurt you – I hurt you

You misconstrued, misrepresented me; my purpose for you

Souls in wanting do that

I was always supposed to ground you, remind you of the heart you let get cold, denying the purpose for your existence

You were meant for greatness, only in a way that was not so great

You were great to me…to many others you leave behind

The wisdom you obtained, the searching from the ends of the earth, if not the ends of your mind, were not lost on me

I wasn’t ready then

I’m ready now, searching for you

And you are gone

Without a word

You knew that, the cancer eating away the physical body that confined you

You died leaving me to wander the road you have paved

Alone in my solitude


Ahhh…you teach one last lesson


Whispers of a Soul


Sacred prayers

Longings of the heart screeching across the cosmos

Hidden beyond the darkness

Lost in realms of conscious reality

No one is listening; no one can hear

Only the shadows know the truth

Does his soul hear the calls of my sorrow?

Why must one bear the burden of knowing, while others live life blissfully ignorant?

There is no God of mercy, or of love

For no one would not want one to suffer such torment, or leave one to such inevitable longing

Is destiny so destined?

Or are there interceptions – a chance of one’s fate

Where whispers are heard



Don’t despair, my son

Mortality is just a word

A meaning that holds no value

It touches me not

It worries far too many

It scalds you


I leave you with so many words; not enough wisdom

But spare me this…

Wake to the morning light

It’s the closest thing to God; the closest thing to me now

Breathe in the cool breath of the heavens

See the beauty of His reason

And worry not

For do as the birds who rejoice in song at the crack of dawn

Open your eyes and see what they gaze upon

A moment, a gift, a lifetime of memories that are only fleeting

Death only a door to another flight of our souls



She is a women’s fiction writer and poet who wants to create beauty for the mind.  She has written three novels, a collection of poems, and her work has been featured in Lost Coast Review & PennWriters. I was a regular contributor to the WFWA Industry Newsletter, and had my own column in OCWriters.com called Girl On Writing, before I launched a writing journal, WriterFairys, to help inspire writers get through the writing process.

3 thoughts on “Poems by Elizabeth Conte

  1. Lizzy
    Very enjoyable readings your words spoke volumes of those internal feelings few of us hesitate to put so beautifully pen to paper as you have!
    Love you


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