Poems by Anila Pillai


Account of Unheard Voices


Tapped I wish I kept those voices

To hear and feel mesmerized and pumped

When unheard them then

Never felt so profound and of depth

Now that I am an adult, all those voices preach me at times of dearth.

Ages passes and still the story looms around

Never does a flying mind be caught with string of words

I believe and now I know it’s not the note for posterity to count.


Momentary indiscretion and unworthy I settled then with them

Harassed, sad and cursed my birth

Now that those voices are left as mere voices in void

Long to hear them in person, like how thirsty would crave for fluid.

Experience taught and caught be right for I heard not those voices right

Filial sounds when there, seldom accounts when not, heavily recounts!


An Ode to April


April is as diverse month

For some it’s a moth that make silk

For some it’s a froth like any other month

For most it’s a loth to despair and displease


Culture fall as it’s a month to speak up

Joy is the tail of the full length snake

Be it jovial or making a foolery light


Marks the beginning of a new dawn

Amidst the scorching heat many rituals are performed.

Flowers with fragrance burst out and bloom

Butterflies and humming birds delightfully zoom.


Glorious flowers are kept and glared

Believed to bring luck, charm and to be flared.

The new beginning is marked with morning sight

Filled with gold, idols, flowers bright.

Mothers usually hold the eyes tight close of her child

Brings near the decorated space to worship in traditional style.

New day new look dress cool stand bare foot take blessings of elders

Along gets much awaited monetary bewilderment.


Are as youngsters we celebrating it right I think with a sigh

Or are we only waiting for the last and desired papers that cost high!

The day is relished with aim to be with the same all year long

The very next day seems nothing but forlorn.

Deepened worries stack is put back

Which is as coated as plaque!

Despair, gloom smack hard

Be brave and bloom is the best hack!


April is a diverse month

Amidst the scorching heat it teaches to be glittery along the runs.



Anila Pillai is a poet, writer and essayist. She has published her creative and scholastic works in National and International anthologies, journals and periodicals. She can be reached via mail @ anilapillai.gems@gmail.com.

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