Covid Relief in India – Call for Donations

Dear All,

As India continues to reel under the wave of a devastating second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, people across the country are experiencing unprecedented, limitless suffering as they grapple with a collapsing health system marked by lack of oxygen, lack of beds, lack of medicines and lack of vaccines. Images of endless funeral pyres, reports of struggles over cremation plots and screams of people dying at hospital gates must traumatise anyone with a sensitive heart. At this tragic juncture, we request our readers to offer financial donations to various NGOs and foundations which have been trying their best to offer assistance to people in desperate needs of assistance. Please help if you can, A little assistance will go a long way towards mitigating the misery of multitudes.

If you are interested in finding out real time availability of beds in West Bengal, click on the following link:

P.S. Members of Plato’s Caves are not directly associated with any of these organisations. We are showcasing these information because these organisations have a credible track record of offering urgent assistance of which many people are now in dire need.

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