Poems by Antoni Ooto


The Art of Bird Feeding


Furtively back and forth, the finches look

then continue selecting, or sit content

watching me—watching them.



I take my time approaching, and wait.


The feeder may be down a bit,

empty, or on some days,



This is the art of bird feeding

(I’m learning)


knowing when to come,

when to go,

when to rest and watch.



Shake My Words


I have less light in me

and many questions.


“Why” is the tallest.


From a tenuous but fateful place—

I write.


This blue orb so familiar, my anchor,

and a hundred million stars above.


When all is done, I wonder

who will shake my words?











practicing a place of nothing

is harder the older I get


the innocent haunts of memory

green lawns after a rain

the aroma of summer


I’m never alone in my head

even crowded at times



voices and places of a past

that keep interrupting


as I try to settle,

the mantra again begins.



Antoni Ooto is a poet, flash fiction writer, well-known for his abstract expressionist art. He has been published in many journals and anthologies. He lives and works in upstate New York.

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