Poems by Joan McNerney



“A” train

brassy blue


bleeds upon rails.

blue, white flashes

leap forward.

they move, they move

constantly they move.

close your eyes

watch points

like stars

think now

how insignificant

you are

compared to train

speaking for itself

stars known

in no language


thru tiger’s eyes

brain in

constant action


to what we do not know

plans of distant stars

galaxies floating by as

“A” train

silver worm

bursting through

big belly of city






That summer I wanted to

take off all my clothes.

Be naked under the sun.

Tango all over warm grass,

so warm, warm.


Noontime perfumed berries

and lush grass.  Beneath honey

locust through hushed woods

We found this spring,

a secret susurrus disco.


My feet began two-stepping

over slippery pebbles. 

Threading soft water, the sun

dresses us in golden sequins.


Your hand reaches for me.





As if you could come so swiftly

unnoticed like butterflies tapping

wild flowers with soft yellow wings.


Appearing before me quietly

while morning mist curls through

coolness of mint-green spring.


You walking over roads through

fields where tree shadows make

heavy slants against the sun.


As alive as day…saying my name…

filling me up with the taste of you…

kissing my mouth awake again.


By touch and whisper how we would

imitate long leaves weaving, undulating

and finally surrendering to silence.



Joan McNerney’s poetry is found in many literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Dinner with the Muse, Poet Warriors, Blueline, and Halcyon Days.  Four Bright Hills Press Anthologies, several Poppy Road Journals, and numerous Poets’ Espresso Reviews have accepted her work.  She has four Best of the Net nominations.  Her latest titles are The Muse in Miniature and Love Poems for Michael both available on Amazon.com and Cyberwit.net

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