Poems by D J Tyrer


Old Paths


Old paths

Invisible to the eye

Crisscross the globe

Slowly fade from memory

As travellers cease to travel

Settle down

Forget their past

Overhead aircraft fly

It’s not the same.


Writers Wild


Just slam some words down

Whatever’s in my head

No rhyme, no reason

Nothing that I’ve said

A stream of uncensored memory

Or a stream of meaninglessness

Full flow, full throttle

I’ve no idea what it means, I confess

Just let them escape

Each one a wayward child

A tumble, a jumble

All writers should be wild.



DJ Tyrer is the person behind Atlantean Publishing, and has been published in issues of California Quarterly, and Tigershark, and online at A New Ulster, and Poetry Pacific. SuperTrump and A Wuhan Whodunnit are available to download from the Atlantean Publishing website.

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