Poems by Ila Railkar and Rachit Sharma

All It Took Was A Sunbird by Rachit Sharma

As a child, I was surrounded by my father’s cartons of colours, 

there were bright crayons, like tiny boulders of odd shapes

discarded sketch pens, with lost caps, 

ones that lost all their light and turned into silent moons. 

The orange crayon that came in slightly different shades based on its brand, was my most favourite

red was too deep, yellow too bright. orange was enough – ruminative yet stood out, 

we filled a hundred splendid suns together

supplied it to corners where there wasn’t enough colour 

on edges, and outside the lines… 

over the years, the orange crayon kept visiting me – as an elusive joy 

sometimes as the hue of sunset settled on a lover’s lower lip, 

sometimes as a stranger’s touch that felt warm and safe

every time I trusted a friend, every time I was trusted..

it appeared in my ears as music, and trickled down my eyes,

it peaked at the beginning of every affair, and remained in some,

it appeared  every night, right before crossing the threshold of sleep 

the other morning a sunbird paid us a visit, marched around like a Queen’s guard,

and screamed at a puddle of water in joy.

It was all that took to remind me that I never lost it,

Misplaced it perhaps.

Unlearning by Ila Railkar

The day I realized 

That my revered, infallible father

Made blunders for which he never apologized,

The illusion of innocence

Shattered forever


Though terrified of this strange wisdom

I knew there was no


Rachit Sharma designs and facilitates immersive leadership programs for young people in India. He has been engaged with a number of social causes. Currently, he resides in Meerut.

Ila Railkar is an Indian poet. She has been published or is forthcoming in Indian Periodical, Indian Review, The Alipore Post, Blue River Review, One Sentence Poems, Madras Courier, and Moss Puppy Magazine. 

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