The Group

Abin Chakraborty teaches in Chandernagore College, has a penchant for pedantic pontifications, dabbles in poetry, and remains interested in a variety of literary and critical topics ranging form postcolonialism to cultural studies.

Sayan Aich Bhowmik is Assistant Professor in the Department of English, Shirakole College, West Bengal. His areas of interest are Postcolonial Literature and Indian Writing in English.

Somrita Misra is Assistant Professor in the Department of English in Chanchal College, Malda, West Bengal. She is a Potterhead, a researcher in children’s literature and a thorough bibliophile.

Subarnarekha Pal is our resident artist, illustrator and Instagram specialist. She is an independent thinker and enthusiast and jams poetry with her friend. Amidst everything, she struggles to be an artist.

Aishwarya Das Gupta teaches in Calcutta Girls’ College. She is a weaver of words who loves to recede into her bubble of silent dreams. She is an avid reader, lover of cinema and creative arts and if left alone to her own devices, may be found lingering under the shady bough of a lonely tree.

Susmita Paul is an emerging writer in English with only a couple of English poems recently published in Montauk. Her sole book of Bengali poetry was published by Kaurab in 2019. She is also a Zentangle inspired artist and mother to a curious five-year old. She lives in Graz, Austria.