Poems by Rupsa De

Podunk BITCH!


White pajamas, Daisy sunshine

I want my captain home

Tell me “oh, sweet lover mine

Where do sea captains go?” I want my captain home

From Sandy shores of May

And bring me jewels

From a market on Sunday.


My mother taught me a song

“call him sir” and he taught me

To keep steady hands all night long

Until from a little child, I grew


Mama saw how big I was

And mama wept sad fat tears

She screamed blue in the dawn

“Gone” before the morning could yawn


We ran and ran until we stopped

Pretty pink horses at play

Stained my white pajamas white

Held me down, monsters at bay


Daisy sunshine, little flowers

White powder on cheek

Mama sits and empty stares

Why doesn’t mama speak?


Now the captain battles at sea

I join my hands in prayer

Mama turned me out, my dear

And took a postman near


I sleep on streets and wait for light

Powder in hands, powder white.

Fade, I fade into that terrible night

And curses be on that terrible sight


Gods, perhaps in sadness delight

I break, I break, oh I break

Tiny metal

Filthy, filthy shipwreck!



Love runs cold.


Mad love,

You come back home

When the streets are dark

With the night’s child

Lying in a pool of blood.


Mad love,

You sleep with your eyes open

And walk the endless lanes,

Eyes closed, as if beauty in death

Has embraced you for her lover.


Mad love,

You come back and cup my chin

My face is your Hawaiian dream,

A brown land with green trees,

You want to colonise, to turn it over.


Mad love,

I am dreaming of sunlight on my skin,

My golden crown, the wide open sea,

In dreams, I don’t feel your fingers

Cracking my jaw open. In dreams,


I only run free.

In dreams, time is still.

Mad love, golden prince,

riding on a horse, goodbye,




Sita’s going


I drew lines around her,

The girl in the yellow dress

To see if she could step out of them.


I had heard stories before

Of the one who overstepped

And the dark one who took her away


The sun was bright, the yellow

Of her dress burning my eyes,

Curious I drew the boundaries in my mind.


She stepped out, I held my breath

The sun shrieked and hid

The dark one came


I hadn’t noticed he was in chains

Why did you do it, he asked in tears

The stories taught me well-


A woman out of line

Is a woman in need of History

Playing Devourer.



red cap picture

Rupsa Dey believes in the power of language and cats, and is only allergic to the latter. She is currently pursuing her Masters in English Literature from Jadavpur University. She never says ‘No’ to tea and if given a chance, would like to believe in a world without borders.

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