Musings by Greg Baines…

I Won’t…

Lie to me, please I wont

beg. I wont. you hear them

what is it? whispers on sharp edges

pixels of happy people

off the assembly line neon

teeth advertisements, made

with loving robotic arms,

a straight path to

fortunes of lies, on a beach

under plastic palm trees

please, I wont beg. I wont.


Hills woven, threads mist.

tires glide over icy road

hungry morning thoughts.

in the rear mirror

clouds are kissed back by trees.

I pull over. stop.


The moon sets caramel

in sesame black sky.

I imagine the home we lost.

Greg Baines is a writer, teacher and painter from Gunning NSW, Australia. Before moving to Gunning he spent twelve years living in China, largely in Shanghai, where he began to focus on writing. He has published poetry in ‘Literary Shanghai’, been a contributor in the ‘Virtual Cloud 9 Pavillion’ as part of the 2020 Bangkok Biennial and his first novella, ‘The Nail House’ is published by Fairlight Books. 

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