Poems by Oindri Sengupta

Two faces

My city has a history of nothingness.

Like many other cities that are born

out of someone’s despair and dreams,

my city too erupted from a lost sigh,

kept behind by a broken promise at the night’s end.

We are all dust-gatherers here,

cleaning our rusted memories before fading into light.

You came in during a dark hour

when the city found eloquence in its salty waters,

around the sound of its graves,

under the silence of the sky.

Drifting from one thread of light to the other.

Your call was like the madness of the soul

that once tasted the flavour of flight.

My feet followed you,

looking for answers,

While the city discovered its being scattered

on the road we left behind in sleep,

you discovered the elemental colours of life

on the path that you carved inside me.

Oindri Sengupta teaches English at a Govt School in Kolkata. Her poetry has been previously published in journals like The Lake (UK), Istanbul Literary Review, Chiron Review, Life and Legends, Outlook India, Muse India, and is upcoming in Poetica Review (UK) among others. Her poetry has also been used and adapted into a play, ‘Another Rainbow’. Her debut collection of poems ‘After the Fall of a Cloud’ has recently been published by Hawakal Publishers (New Delhi) in 2022.

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